Is there a cost to apply for the Home Share program?

There are NO FEES associated with Home Share Pinellas application and no deposit fees for either the Home Provider or the Home Renter.

Where do the Providers reside?

A:  The program serves the residents of Pinellas  & Pasco County, but if you live in Hillsborough County feel free to complete a Provider application.

What is the process?

Each applicant must successfully complete 5 steps to qualify for the program.  The steps include; completing an application, passing a criminal background screening, proof of stable income, providing 3 references, and a face to face interview.

Does the Provider go through the same process?

Yes, the Provider follows the same steps which includes a home inspection to ensure a quality living environment.

Do you have to sign a lease?

Yes, there is a signed lease agreement between the Provider and the Renter.

How do you “match” Providers and Renters?

It is a customized matching process bases on the needs, wants, and preferences of the individuals involved.

What if I want to end the lease agreement?

The process requires that you give the Provider a 30 day notice.

Is there upfront deposits required to move into a home?

There is no upfront deposit required.  You move in, pay the agreed upon rent which typically includes utilities directly to the Provider.

Do you assist with finding apartments/homes for rent? Do you give financial assistance to help with housing costs?

Home Share is not a financial assistance program nor do we have individual apartments or homes for rent.  We are an alternative housing solution for someone who has space in their home to rent out and an individual who is looking for long-term, affordable housing alternatives.