I have rented the second bedroom in my home on and off for the past twenty years.  This was my first experience going through Home Share Pinellas.  The Program Director is a gem and made the process easy and delightful.  She matched me up with my current roommate, who is terrific.  He totally gets that we’re sharing a house and he’s renting a room.  He is very nice, clean and quiet. If I mention something that I’d like done differently, like unplugging the toaster when done using it or emptying the dryer lint catch, I mention it once and it’s done and I never have to say anything again.  He’s been really helpful helping me out with fixing things around the house and beats me to taking the garbage out, bringing the cans back in, checking the mail, etc.  It’s also great having him home during the day to preside over the house, keep the cat company, let contractors in to do estimates and work – truly a Godsend right now as I’m STILL dealing with the aftermath of IRMA!  The best thing I like about Home Share is that if there is a problem, THEY get the renter out.  I also like the fact that they run background checks on prospective tenants.  After numerous bad experiences with former tenants, I’m sticking with Home Share!

Provider – Female, age 53